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The easiest way to mark a card during the game
2013-07-03 17:04
  The easiest way to mark a card during the game is to bend it. Amateurs attack the corners, turning them up or down in combinations to indicate aces, kings, and queens; professionals favor less obvious systems. Often the work is nothing more than a barely discernible hump-a tiny speed bump impressed on the long side of the card, made by gently squeezing the edge of the card between the thumb and the middle and index fingers. The bend is usually put in as the cheat looks at his hole cards.
  The strategy is known ads playing the bend. Usually, only the high cards are marked, and the location of the bend indicates the value of the card. A end near the upper left corner might indicate an ace; a slightly lower bend, a king; slightly lower, a queen; and so forth. Suits are generally ignored. Whenever possible the cheat will try to mark both the left and right edges so the card can be read across the table no matter how it is oriented. The system can reach high levels of sophistication with a bend imprinted into any area of the card, including the center. A trick to spotting an edge bend from afar is to look for the shadow it casts on the table, rather the bend itself. Cheat in Russia poker game, cheat in India poker game, cheat in America poker game, cheat in Canada poker game, cheat in Australia poker game, cheat in Korea poker game, cheat in Japan poker game, cheat at Texas hold'dm, cheat at Omaha, cheat at Baccarat, cheat at Lowball, cheat at Showhand, cheat at local cards
  Playing the bend is considered one of the safer marking systems. If the bends are discovered there’s no saying who put them in, or even if they’re intentional; after a while they often flatten out, leaving no evidence that marked cards were used.
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