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Addition Rules of Play Regular Hearts cheat by poker reader
2013-07-04 15:37

  The additional rules of play for Hearts can be known by the following words:

  Failure to follow suit when able, constites a renege. A renege may be corrected before the trick is tuened face down and picked up from the table. If this is not discovered until later, the renege is established, play immediately ceases, and the reneger must pay each palyer 10 units.

  In match-style play, 10 points for each of the other participants is added to the offender's score sheet. For example, in a four-handed game the offender adds 30 points on his score sheet. The other players jot down a zero for their scores.

  How to win the Regular Hearts? You can use poker reader to win the game, as you use it, you can know who will be the champion before you bet, or the reader will tell you where to bet. We will offer you the whole set and tell you how to use the device. Very simple and useful, especially suit for that most of the gamblers don't know the cheating device.

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