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Cheating at all forms of Hearts Poker Reader
2013-07-04 15:41

  Cheating occurs more rarely in Hearts than in other card games. It is not a matter of virtue. As is true in Bridge, the first requisite for a career as a profit-showing crook is skil at the game.

  The Heart cheat is uncommon, but bu no means uncommon enough. Like all card games, Hearts has its due quota of cheats. The most common are players teamed up to clip one or both of the other participants, and this is usually done by signaling and shuffling point cards to an opponent who is trying for a stp.

  The methods detailed in Chapters Two and Three-stacking,crimping, palming, strippers,shift-ing the cut, and so forth can also be used in Hearts. so beware!

  Poker analyzer, poker soothsayer, poker reader are able to help you to cheat at all forms of Hearts. Monitor system, cell phone monitor, IR contact lenses are helpful for you to know the back of the cards' mark clearly. Cheating at all forms of Hearts is not hard for us.

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