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Cheating at Casino
2013-07-04 15:41

  Cheating at Casino is as common as cheating at Gin Rummy, and the same methods are used, such as marked cards, stacking ,shifting the cut, and belly strippers.

  When the cheat uses strippers, he usually has all the point-scoring cards gaffed. When you use marked cards, you can used poker analyzer to cheat with them, you can also use monitor system to cheat with them, when the marks on the back or on the edge. Stacking is a skill cheating by hand. You should know the skills of the stacking and the hand work of yours should be fast. Shifting the cut is as same as the stacking, but shifting the cut is not so useful as the stacking the cards, I think.

   To cheat at casino is very common and you should konw more about the skills and method. According to your occasion, we can do special for you. Please contact us if you are interested in.

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