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Cheating at Kalabrias
2013-07-04 15:42

  Cheating at Kalabrias as cheating common as cheating at Gin Rummy, and it is just as easy.

  Watch out for marked cards, second dealing, palming, stacking, shifting the cut, cold decks, and belly strippers, which are often used at Kalabrias to clip the sicker on his own deal.

  Usually all the spade cards are gaffed to strip out. You can cheat at the Kalabrias by poker analyzer, pin hole camera lens, IR contact lenses, UV contact lenses, marked card, stacking, shifting the cut, cold decks, and belly strippers and so on. Monitor system is also the best choice for you to cheat. If you are interested in cheating at Kalabrias and want to get money from the gambling, please have an action on contacting us!

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