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How to cheat at Pinochle poker game
2013-07-04 15:45

  There are many kinds of poker games in the world, Pinochle is one the poker game that popular with the poker players. we don't teach you how to play the game, but we will tell you how to cheat at the game.

  This partnership variety of pinochle has been ballyhooed lately as a new game. Iremember having seen it played fifteen years ago in a half-dozen Midwestern States. Games fo not move as rapidly across a country or a culture as some ex-post-facto historians would like to believe.


  1. Four players-two against two in partnerships.
  2. The standard Pionchle deck.
  (For description or the deck,rank of cards and suits, value of melded cards, rules for melding, and value of cards won in tricks, see "Scarne's General Rules for Pinochle.")


  For a partneship on the completion of a 1,000-point game to have scored more checks than the opposing partneship. A check award is a unit of value given for a spec-ified meld, for fulflling a bid, for winning the game, etc.

  To cheat at the Pinochle poker game, you can use poker analyzer and monitor system, you can also cheat at the game by stacking, shuffling the deck or shifting the cut. There are many ways for you to choose, if you want to cheat at the game, please tell us and we will offer you the right tools to do.


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