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Baccarat cheating automatic shuffer
2013-07-04 15:56

Baccarat is widely played in the world by gamblers. The game rule is simple, and can be player by many people although there are two hands of poker. Poker deck shuffled by hands or auto shuffler.

The same as Chemin de Fer except that the house banks the game all the time.The bank does not pass around the table.

Horse race

Rarely booked by casino management but a favorite with card hustlers who like a muscular percentage on the their side.The basic principle of the game has been pirated by some of the big game companies and adapted to board amusements for the general market.Horse faniers get a special belt out of it,but it is fun for almost anybody... provided the stakes aren't allowed get too big.


1.A standard pack of fifty-two playing cards.

2.A banker and any number of players.

Value of the cards

Reversing the usual situation, the denomination of the cards has no relative merit at Horse Race; the value depend on suit only.

If the decks shuffled by automatic shuffler, we can cheat at the shuffler and have a system in computer or cell phone to let you know if the banker will win or the player will win. The backsupporter will tell the result to the player by earphone. As all values are sent into computer, you can choose the start of the value if there is a chose during the game.

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