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Poker gambling skills of showdown
2013-07-05 17:28

When playing High-Low, regardless of the variation, the player holding the highest-ranking hand, provided he has declared for high, and the player holding the lowest-ranking hand, provided he has declared for low, share the pot equally. In High-Low poker with five cards, the cards speak for themselves on the showdown, as is described under the Draw or Stud Poker rules as given under the caption "Showdown."

But when wild cards are used or the game permits a player to select a five-card hand from among six or more cards,then the player must state the value of his hand.If a player declares his hand incorrectly and the pot has not yet been collected, he may correct the error; but if the pot has been collected the error must stand. Poker smoothsayer.

The rank of Low Poker is inverse to the standard rank of a high hand.If the hand contains less than a pair,its determinant is its highest-ranking card; if two players are tied as to highest-ranking card, the next highest-ranking card decides the winner, etc. See rank of Poker hands in Low Poker for further details under "General Rules for Poker."

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