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Playing paint to mark cards
2013-07-05 17:35
  In cheating parlance this method of marking cards on the fly is called playing paint. The scammer is known as an artist or painter and his medium is a powdery or paste like substance called daub, or more casually, cosmetics.
  Applied to the back of a card with a swipe of the finger, daub imparts a barely perceptible tint or smudge that allows the artist to identify his masterpieces later on. The system is versatile and works on any deck in any setting, including home games, card rooms, and casinos. It is used to read unprotected hole cards and the top card of the deck.
  Playing paint is an ancient system and daub formulas vary according to the era and the manufacturer. Maskelyne reported this procedure from the late 1800s: “olive oil, stearine, and camphor are incorporated in a melted condition with aniline of the required hue. The mixture is then poured out upon a level surface and allowed to cool. When cold it is worked up with the blade of a knife upon a sheet of white paper, to get rid of the superfluous oil. It is then ready for use.”
  Typical ingredients in use today include wax, oils, dye, colored chalk, greasepaint, soapstone, and commercial cosmetics. Daub is available in red and blue as well as silver and gold tints that harmonize with any color back and appear to the trained eye as a silver sheen or a subtle golden haze. When custom-made daub isn’t available, cheats use substitutes such as rouge and eye shadow, cigar or cigarette ash, CapStick, graphite, sweat, and dirt.
  Painters typically enter a game with clean hands and “load up” from a concealed pallet during play. Hiding places are varied up” from a concealed pallet during play. Hiding places are varied and clever. Some cheats pin a small container of daub under the hem of a jacket, or pack it into the recess of a button. Others hide it behind a tie or money clip, inside a book of matches, or on the bottom of a beer bottle. “A little –known method,” says Darwin temples. As the cheat pensiely rubs his temples, he obtains some daub on his fingers in plain sight of the other players.”
  To apply the daub, the cheat lightly brushes his thumb or finger across the target area of the card. Generally, only the high cards than near the edges where they are likely to be rubbed off center, rather than near the edges where they are likely to be rubbed off during play. Hole cards are marked while peeking at them, up cards marked as they are marked while peeking at them, up-cards marked as they are turned facedown and added to the muck. Marking only the aces and kings will give the cheat a big edge in any game.
  Daub is a strong concept for team cheats. Richard Marcus, in dirty poker, tells how he and his partners used an unspecified marking substance to attack a hold’ em game in a California card room. “after 15 minutes at the table, we had all four aces marked, one king, three of the queens, three jacks and all the 10s.” knowing their opponents’ hole cards allowed the cheats to play loose and call virtually every hand before allowed the flop. “The idea is to get into as many pots as possible and then hang around to the river only when you know your hand is best. You never have to bluff.”
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