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The bottom card peek analyzer let you know the bottom card
2013-07-05 17:36
  Knowing what card lies on the bottom of the deck can be exploited in many sneaky ways. For the bottom dealer the knowledge is essential. But even for the cheat with no sleight-of –hand skills, any information not held by the other players is an advantage-even knowing that a particular card will not come into play. In Texas hold’em, for example, it often happens that by the time the game gets to the river, it is clear that hand knows that card cannot possibly show up because it’s on the bottom of the deck, he drops out and saves money.
  Her are two commonly used bottom card peeks. Once the cheat gathers the information he will, of course, share it with his partners.
  You can also depend on the cheating device such as analyzer to let yourself know the bottom cards. Knowing the bottom card, you can deal the bottom card when you want.
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