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Do mark on cards never difficult
2013-07-05 17:38
  Many gamblers said that it is very hard to do the mark on some cards especially on plastic cards. They tried several times and finally find us and then solved the problem.
  Top-notch daub work is extraordinarily difficult to spot, especially on cards with repeating geometric designs, such as bees. In fact, even when you do see the marks, the brain –or at least my brain-seems to dismiss them as an aberration of vision and not something actually there. Try marking a few cards very lightly with rouge or eyeliner to get a sense what the marks look like. If you see similar marks during a game, try rubbing them with a finger to see if something comes off. Although some daubs are permanent, most are not. Any deck with blemished cards should be taken out of play.
  There’s no way to stop a daub specialist from plying his invisible trade. The best defense is to shield hole cards, change decks often, and learn to recognize paint when you see it.
  EYE electronic can do all kinds of cards’ mark, we can cheat at fournier poker card, cheat at copag poker card, cheat at bicycle poker card, cheat at Russian cards, cheat at USA poker cards, cheat at Indian poker cards, and many other cards, you can send your local cards here to do the mark.
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