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Top-off peeking and know how to cheat at poker
2013-07-05 17:41
 Bottom peek is common to see in the poker gambling. How to know other gamblers in cheating or peeking? And how will you do to get better in bottom peek?
 The back and forth squaring action is the tip-off to the gambler’s bottom peek. Usually, it’s done briskly and is always accompanied by a downward glance. Watch the dealer’s eyes and you’ll know for sure. If the cheat is a bottom dealer, you may see this move a lot.
  The use of a cut card-an opaque rectangle of plastic the same size as a playing card-will discourage most peekers. After the final shuffle, the card should be placed on the table directly in front of the deck. the cutter lifts a portion of the pack, places it on the cut card and the cut is completed.
  It should come as no surprise that tricksters have taken up the challenge of overcoming this precaution. Stay tuned.
  Besides to tip-off others from peeking, you should know how to do to win the poker. You should use cheating device to cheat at poker and it will help you to win the game easily.
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