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Looking through cards in trick and by monitor system infared
2013-07-05 17:43

  How to look through cards? One way is to trick, the other way is to use cheating device, cheating tools and cheating equipments.

  If he has played his card for the following trick a player may look at the last trick gathered in; and this rule holds regardless of which player won the las trick.

  In on other circumstances is looking through the cards premitted except when looking through tricks to determine whenther a player has reneged.

  There is no erforceable penalty for an in fraction of this rule.Crookedm players,when they want to look through the cards,will simply allege that their opponent has reneged.

  It may be agreed preventively before the play begins that any one who completion of the hand.
  To use the monitor system and contact lenses for back marked cards will help you to see though the cards. If you are casino owner, you can fix the spy camera lens into the casino room, if you are not, you can use mobile cell phone to do the monitor. These are very useful and helpful to your gambling.

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