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Cheating at banker and broker to increase the odds by mobile
2013-07-06 16:32

If not more prevalent than in any other card game, cheating at Banker and Broker is at least more effective.Up to a few years ago you could see a gang of hustlers working in the gallery on fight nights,clipping suckers with this game. I guess,all things considered, sharks banking this game have rolled more chumps than ever were taken at Three Card Monte or the shell game.

Because with a deck of belly strippers,or humps, a born idiot could win a fortune at this racket.The stripper cards are shaped so that if you cut a stack by taking hold of it at the long sides'middle you can't fail to cut a low card;if you take it at the ends you can't miss cutting a high card.(See "Belly Strippers,")

As a rule you might suggest that belly strippers are being used when banker's pile is not cut until last or until after the bets have been laid.

Because the bank collects on ties at Banker and Broker,the percentage in its favor is 5-15/17.The player can reduce the odds against him by banking the game at his every opportunity.

You may play the game in other casino, how will you cheat at the poker cards and cheat at banker and broker to increase the odds against them? You can use cell phone monitor system with back marked cards. This is the latest poker cheating device devoloped by EYE electronic. Wherever you go, and when ever you want to play the game, you just need to bring you cell phone and marked cards, for the phone, you can see the mark on the back of cards clearly. The marked cards can not be seen by IR contact lenses. And others can not check out if it was cheated.

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