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How to cheat at Red Dog poker game
2013-07-06 16:34

Since foreknowledge of the identity of only one card is crucial,cheating is virtually an economic necessity at Red Dog.The game is a favorite of shipboard card sharks, who like to switch in the cold deck on a sucker and take him for the pot-plus.second dealing and marked cards are an unbeatable combination. See also the cheating methods described in Chapters Two and Three.

1.Player cutting high card becomes dealer or banker.

2.Players do not ante;the banker puts into the pot any amount he alone decides.

3.Players may bet the pot or any part thereof.

4.Each player is dealt three cards.(Although some dealers allotted four!)

5.If the pot is exhausted,or on completion of three deals,the bank and deal move to the player at the dealer's left.

To cheat at red dog, you can use card trick shuffling, cutting, stacking the deck by hand and also you can use poker analyzer to cheat at it. Poker analyzer will tell you each player's hand range and the cards' suits and value to you. The other way is to use contact lenses with back marked cards. By using this, you can see the mark on the back cards clearly although they face down. Choose one best for you and it will help you a lot in the poker gambling.


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