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The easy way to cheat at cards
2013-07-06 16:39

Angling is positively prohibited.For example,discussion among two or more players to split the pot regardless of the  winner,or to give back part the money, or ask for a free ride or call,or any violation of the Poker rules is prehibited.

No money or chips may be taken out of the pot except when the stakes are cash, under which circumstances a player may take out his preper change after placing a bet his turn of play. It must be observed by all the players that the proper changes is taken.

Should a player ante or put into the pot an anount larger than required and thereafter should another player make a bet,the overage cannot be taken out of the pot.

Is there an easy way to cheat at the poker card?

How to communicate with other partner players? Maybe you will think that is body language, but it is out of popular as many players are know about it. We are suggesting that you to cheat at the poker cards with your partner. The partner is backsupportor in the other room. He can use monitor system to see the marked cards clearly and then tell you the result by earphone or vibrator. You will know the result from the device and you can bet following the result. You needn't use body language to communicate with others, you just need hear and feel and bet, very easy to cheat at the cards!

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