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Win and Cheat at Ace-deuce-jack
2013-07-06 16:41

Like Banker and Broker,strictly a game of chance,permitting no exercise of descretion by banker or player.But,because of its technical improvements over its forbear-the old ganme "You call'em "


1.A standard pack of fifty-two playing cards.

(The only cards having value are the aces,deuces,and jack.These twelve are the winning and losing cards.The other forty have no value whatever either as to rank or suit.)

2.A banker and one or more players.

This kind of poker card game is not international game, but many players also player it each other in the casino. It is a one to more game, ( A banker and one or more players). If you are a player, and if you know which way is better then the banker, so that you can bet correctly without mistake. How will you know who's hand is better than the banker's? By using poker analyzer! It will tell you the result through a mini earphone when the camera lens scan on the edge of barcode marked card stack. On knowing that, you just need to through you chips to the right way you heard. To win the game is so easy!

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