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Using infrade contact lenses and monitor system with marked
2013-07-06 16:50

One of the names by which this variation is known, Quince, suggests Quinze and a French genealogy. it's also known as Ace Low. Fifteen is Black Jack for two,and all the Black Jack rules apply,with the following particularizations.

1.The count which dealer and nondealer are trying to approach but not exceed is 15.

2.The value of the cards is the same as at Black Jack except that the ace counts but one.

3.Before the cards are dealt, dealer and nondealer put up an equal amount in the pool.

4.Now dealer gives his opponent one card face down, then one face down to himself.

5.The nondealer may draw cards (face up ) or stay as in Black Jack, but if drawing,he should bust(go over 15), he does not announce that fact; he says simply, "I stay!"

6.Now, as he sees fit, the dealer may either draw cards or stay. In either event,at the completion of his play,both players face their qown card, and announce their count.

7.The contestant holding a count of 15,or a count closer than his opponent's to 15 without exceeding 15, collects the bets.If players tie on the same count or both player hold a count of 16 or is a standoff;neither wins nor loses; and bets are carried over to the new deal, when new bets may be laid if it is desired.

8.The loser of a hand deals the next hand.

According to the rules, You can use monitor system to cheat at the cards, or contact lenses to cheat at it. By using the devices, the mark on the back of the cards can be seen clearly. You will know the cards face down in your hand and the cards face down in other player's hand and the cards in the poker shoe. From seeing the card, you can choose you need or stop.

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