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Rank of poker hands in low poker and the betting rules with
2013-07-06 16:51

In low poker the rank of the hands is just the ppposite of the rank in the stanard game.Except that the ace may be used as high card only,and must not be used to rank as low with a value of 1 unless it is used in the 5-high staight (A-2-3-4-5).Unless otherwise partcularized under the rules of the game being played,all low Poker hands are to be judged by this clause.

The Low Poker hand is evaluated by the rank if its highest card;if there is a tie between highest cards,by the rank of it second card,etc. The value of the lowest card is irrelevant to the hand's value except when on the showdown the four higher cards are exactly matched by another player's.Example: A maxed-suit hand such as 9-7-6-5-3, being a nine low, would beat a mixed-suit 10-6-5-4-3,the ten low.The lowest-ranking hand and certain winner at Low Poker is the 7-5-4-3-2 in mixed suits.

Here in categories called ranks,I list the best hands at Low Poker.These are mixed suits,of course.Any hand in a superior rank beats any hand listed below it.

1. 7-5-4-3-2.    6. 8-6-4-3-2.
2. 7-6-4-3-2.   7. 8-6-5-3-2.
3. 7-6-5-3-2.   8. 8-6-5-4-2.
4. 7-6-5-4-2.   9. 8-6-5-4-3.
5. 8-5-4-3-2.   10. 8-7-4-3-2.

This betting rules are written into the analyzer system. You can cheat at the cards by using the analyzer, and you will know who will get the lowest poker hand. Or the analyzer will telll you how to cut the deck and deal the cards to let yourself get the lowest poker hand. Poker analyzer is worked with marked cards. We can mark every kinds of cards in the wrold. You can also send your own cards here to process.

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