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Betting out of turn
2013-07-07 17:30

The following rules apply to playing ,calling,or raising out of turn.

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A player making a bet out of turn must leave the bet in the pot.He cannot take it back,and the play reverts to the proper player.When it is the proper turn of the player who bet out of turn he must do one of the following:

1.If no bet has been made by any preceding player,the bet stands ad is.

2.If a bet has been made by a previous palyer smaller than the bet made out of turn,it stands as a raise.

3.If a bet has been made by a previous palyer equal to the bet out of turn,it stands as a play or call.The player who bet out of turn cannot raise.

4.If a previous bet was raised by another player and the bet is in excess of the amount bet by the out-of-turn player,the out-of-turn player may either drop out of the pot,play or call by equaling the bet made by the previous betters, or re-raise the pot after equaling the raised bet.

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