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Rules for Tow-Handed Pinochle and cheating poker changer
2013-07-07 17:33

  Let's see some additional rules for two-handed pinochle poker games and then we will see how to cheat at the game:

  There must be a new shuffle and cut whenever a misdeal occurs.The same dealer deals again.
   1.If one or more cards are exposed in cutting or reuniting cut cards,there is a misdeal.

   2.If the pack has not been offered to the nondealer to be cut and the momdealer has not yet picked a card from the stok. there is a misdeal.

   3.If one or more cards are exposed face up in the pack and the nondealer has not yet picked a card a card from stock,there is a misdeal.

   4.But if the nondealer has picked a card from the stock and one or more cards are observed face up in the pack, there is not a misdeal,and the player whose teun it is must take the faced-up card.

   We can cheat at two-handed pinochle with many cheating devices. We have poker converter poker changer to help you to change the poker you want. The poker converter can be fixed into wallet, cloth, T-shirt and many other objects. We have poker analyzer to help you cheating at the poker. From the analyzer, you will know the range of every poker player and the poker face of the cards.

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