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Pin hole camera lens for dealt marked cards
2013-07-08 17:39

  After both palyers have played their first four cards one at a time, the dealer picks up stock (the undealt cards) and deals four more cards to the non-dealer and himself in the same manner as in the original deal. However, he does not deal any cards face up on the table at any time for the rest of the deal.

  Play then continues until all the cards in the deck have been exhausted (dealt).
  When each palyer is dealt his last four cards, the dealer must announce the fact by saying, "Last" or "Deal's up.'

  In most poker game like this, some of the cards are dealt face down, and then you can call extra cards. If you know the cards' value that face down, and the next deal card's value, you can decide that if you should get the card. How will you know the card that face down? You can use contact lenses or pin hole camera lens monitor system to know the value of the card. We have the latest cell phone monitor system, by using this, you can scan the marks where ever you want and when ever you want.

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