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Pin hole camera lens monitor system for Draw Poker Joker Wil
2013-07-08 17:42

The English version of Draw Poker is played exactly as is Draw Poker,with this exception : that the dealer is permitted to draw up to four cards,whereas all other players are permitted to draw up to three cards only.

Draw Poker-joker wild

When one or more jokers are added to a standard pack of fifty-two cards the game is called Joker Wild.The amount of skill required in playing Joker Wild is reduced immeasurably, more and more with the addition of each extra joker.The more jokers added,the less strategy to the game.Rank of hands is described under "General Rules for Poker," Wild Cards.

How to cheat at the Joker wild? The first choice for you is monitor system, if you are a player that you should play here and there, you can use our cell phone monitor system, when you play the game, you need to hold the phone on hand and you can see the mark on the back of the cards clearly. And if you are a casino owner, you can use out pin hole camera lens monitor system to cheat at the cards, no body need anything in hand. These are very useful cheating devices for Joker wild.

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