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Choose a suitable cheating device to cheat at Draw poker
2013-07-09 18:50

Also known as Closed Poker,this is the forerunner of all the other kinds of Poker,including Stud.


1.A standard pack of fifty-two playing cards (usually at hand are two packs of different backs or colors so a player may call for a change of packs upon completion of any deal.)

2.Two to six players make the best game, although up to ten players may play- with the following added rule: Should the pack become exhausted and there are palyers who still must draw cards to complete their hands the discards are assembled,shuffled and cut,and the draw is contibued.But when playing for high stakes,the maximum number of players is six.

The object of the game

For a player at the showdown to hold a higher-ranking hand than any of the other palyers.The player (or players) having the best hand is declared the winner(or winners), and collects the pot.

Every player wants to win the game during gambling. The best way to win the game is cheating. You can use suitable devices to cheat at the poker and get result from them. spy camera, pin hole camera, invisible camera, poker camera, poker camera lens, long distance camera lens, short distance camera lenses, HD camera lenses, HS camera lenses, camera for analyzer, camera for monitor. One to one camera lens, one to one poker analyzer these are the professional cheating devices in the area. You can choose one suit for you to do the gambling.

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