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Do culling to make a straight flush
2013-07-09 18:52
  Before the cheat can deal himself the fabled four aces, he must first locate and position the aces. Before he can produce a royal straight flush in spades, he needs to marshal the troops; the 10,j,Q, K, A of spades. This phase of the cheating operation-locating and isolating cards to be used in the upcoming deal –is known as culling. It’s the hunting-gathering stage of crooked dealing.
  To be sure, the cheat rarely culls a royal straight flush; it’s way too abvious and the stuff of poker movies. Instead, he seeks out strong pairs, threes of a kind, even straights and flushes, finding them among the discards, or lying openly on the table. The cards are assembled on the offbeat; between hands or during actions peripheral to the game. Then, when the moment is right, the targeted cards are brought to the top or bottom of the deck where they are dealt, stacked or repositioned according to plan. Here’s how.
   EYE electronic poker cheating center can offer you all kind of cheat method including hand trick. But you should come here to learn the trick face to face. Easy to learn, useful for you gambling!
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