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False riffle shuffle and cheating automatic shuffler machine
2013-07-09 18:53
  Crooked dealers have at their fingertips an amazing repertoire of false shuffles, each with its own purpose and place at the card table. For everyday scamming, the most useful of these are the partial false shuffles. These enable the cheat to openly and honestly shuffle most of the cards while preserving a select group of cards on the top or bottom of the deck for later use. The mechanics are surprisingly simple, but there’s no need for overkill. As we’ll later see, the cheat will add finishing touches like counterfeit “boxing” and “stripping” that give the entire sequence the look and feel of a genuine casino shuffle.
  In a certain game, there is a automatic shuffler used in the casino such as playing Baccarat. If you want to cheat at Baccarat with automatic shuffler and you could call us. We can do the cheat for you. We hide the HD camera lens into the shuffler, and it can read the poker face fast. After the cards passing, the cards’ face are remembered and changed into the value and sent to the computer. You can know the result after the computer processing within 0.3s.
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