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How to cheat at country Blackjack played by farmer
2013-07-09 18:55

A curiously sophisticated country cousin of Black Jack,commonly supposed to be played by farmers.Rural electrification has done something for American agriculture.


1.A regular pack of playing cards out of which have been stripped the 8's and all the 6's except the 6 of hearts, making a forty-five-card deck.

2.Two to eight players

Value of the cards

The cards take the same value and count as the cards at Black Jack,except that aces count for one only.

Object of the game

TO draw cards for a total of 16 or as close to 16 as possible without exceeding 16.

Selecting the farmer

Any player may shuffle.Any player may cut. The acting dealer deals each player one cars face up, starting with the player to his left and comtinuing clockwise.The player to whom the 6 of hearts is first dealt becomes the farmer.

As to this occasion, you'd better to use poker reader, poker analyzer, poker smoothsayer to cheat at the card. We will write the program into the analyzer and you can play with it only need with marked cards. From the analyzer, you will know who each player's poker hand range, and you will know each piece of the cards' value and suits.

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