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Marking ointment helps you to mark the cards
2013-07-09 18:59
  Spot at the cards is a way of cheating. Somewhere call it marking the cards. You can know the mark on the cards easily when you spot at it.
  Spotting the wrist turn that accompanies top and bottom card flashing is, theoretically , easy. The hard part is remembering to look for it. Cheats usually play honestly at the start and have a keen sense of when they can start getting away with things. Make it a point, from time to time, to focus on the dealer’s hands from start to finish. If you think he’s deliberately flashing, watch the eyes of the guy next to him. When you see a dealer turn the deck faceup, point it out. It could be accidental. Then again.
  Some dealers stand while dealing, especially when having to deal down a long table. Lots of cards get flashed this way, intentionally and accidentally. Instead of sailing the cards, they should be dealt in neat packets in front of the dealer and then slid down to the players. This will prevent even unintentional flashing.
  The power of flashing should not be underestimated. Cheats do it all the time.
  We have special marking ointment for you to mark the cards when you want to cheat. This ointment when you put it onto the back of the cards, others can not see the mark but you can see it from a certain degree. For others is invisible. You can use the ointment with normal cards.
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