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To do bottom card flash and pin hole monitor system
2013-07-09 19:01
In a card cheat or card trick, you should know some of the way to know the bottom card’s value and suits. Not only you should know them, but also you should quickly scan on them, the fast scan on the bottom cards we call bottom flash.
  Rather than revealing what’s on the horizon, this flash reveals what won’t be coming. The method is the same as the top card flash (a quick wrist turn reveals the index of the bottom card) but the applications, for obvious reasons, are more limited. Most of the time, knowing what’s on the bottom will have no relevance to that particular game. In the long run, however, looking pays off, since every ten of fifteen hands, the flashed card will be exactly the card the cheat or his opponent needs to win the hand. In the first case the cheat saves money by dropping out, in the second instance he stays in and wins the pot.
   To do bottom flash is not an easy thing. You should practice for quite a long time and get some skills. We’d like to introduce other way for you to know the bottom cards: you can use edge pin hole camera system for edge marked cards, or poker analyzer system. By using them, you can know the bottom card within 0.1s. No need practice, no need skill on the hand.
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