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Infrared contact lenses help you to Twin beds
2013-07-10 17:58

Another variation of Spit in the Ocean:Each player is dealt four cards as in Draw Poker.After the dealer has received his fourth card,two rows of five cards each are dealt face down on the table.The betting round takes place,and the dealer turns up one card from each row.Another betting round,and another card is turned up from each row.Continue betting and turning a card from each row until the last card in each row has been turned face up and the betting round has been completed.

The last card to be turned up from each row is wild,and so are the three cards of the same denomination as the wild card in each row.The player may use up to five cards from either row to complete his hand, but he cannot use cards from both rows to help his hand.

Once there are some of the cards face down before betting, we can let you know the poker face of those facing down cards. Infrared contact lenses with marked cards may be your best choice for the cheating. Low price of the goods and high quality, when you want to play the game, you can wear it, and when you do not want to play with it, just take it off.

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