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Special poker analyzer and camera lens to cheat at Double De
2013-07-10 18:04

  Double Deck Partnership Pinochle with a Widow is played exacyly as is Partnership Auction Pinochle, with the following additional rules:

  1. Tow Pinochle decks-from which all the 9's have been removed-shuffled together and used as one. The consolidated deck totals eighty cards. Packs of contrasting color or design may be used.

   2.Nineteen cards are dealt to each player and four cards to the widow, in this order: the dealer deals the first round four at a time, starting with the leader and ending with himself, and deals the next four cards into the widow. Thereafter each player is dealt five cards at a time until the deck is exhauseted.

   How to cheat at the double deck partnership pinochle with a widow? Most of the analyzer can not do it, But EYE poker cheat center can help you to do so. Our camera lens can scan two decks at a time and we can write the special programs for double deck poker game. If you are interested in the goods, please contact us.


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