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Using infrared contact lenses with marked cards to cheat at
2013-07-10 18:35

In the poker game of blackjack, you may always draw a card and bust in the game as you don't know the poker face that face down.

Should a player,drawing cards,run his total to 8 or more, he has busted, and must forthwith pay the dealer the amount of his bet. The dealer picks up the cards,with which the player went bust, and puts them to one side.

All players who have not busted leave their cards in full view of the banker.

The play

The play at the dealer's left has the first turn to play.He may do one of two things, as in Black Jack. He may:

1.Stay, which he signifies by saying, "I have enough," or "I pass."

2.Draw, in his discretion, one or more cards-provided they and his down card do not add up to a count of 8 or more.

The play moves clockwise around the table. If any player draws one card giving him a total of 7-1/2 he must immediately face his down card and announce his count. This is paid off at premium rate.

How will you do if you want to cheat at the game? You can use infrared contact lenses with marked cards, by using this, you can know the mark on the back clearly. And cell phone monitor system with back marked cards, this cards can not be seen by the infrared contact lens. And if you are casino owner, you can use pin hole camera lens to sacn on the back marked cards.

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