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How to cheat at Stormy Weather poker game
2013-07-11 17:35

Stormy Weather is played by gamblers somewhere. If you are interested in cheating at it, please read the following paragraph and then if you want to cheat, you can contact us.

This version of Spit in the Ocean is a variation of Draw Poker with extra draws.Each player is dealt four cards,singly,face down,as in Draw Poker: only after the dealer has received his second cards, he deals a card face down in the center of the table,another card onto the center of the table after received his third card,and a third card face down in the center of the table dealing himself the fourth and last card of the deal.

The betting round and the drawing of cards is as in Draw Poker,except that a player may open the pot on any hand he desire(jacks or better are not required), and a player may draw up to four cards if he desires.If all the players pass,a new hand is dealt,and all the players ante again,as in Draw Poker.

If the pot is opened and the active players have completed their draw,there is no betting at this time;instead:

The dealer now turns up the first card dealt of the three cards in the center of the table, and a betting round begins,the opener making the first bet.When all bets have been met, the dealer turns up the second card dealt in center of the table,and another betting round ensues,withe the opener having the first turn. The same facing up of the third card in the center of the table.

On the showdown, a player id permitted to make use of his fifth card of any one of the three cards turned up in the center of the table.Player must indicate verbally,at his proper turn of play,which of the three upturned cards in the center of the table he is using for his fifth card.No mistakes may b rectified after his proper turn of play has passed.

In this kind of game, some of the cards are face down,but if you know the poker face that facing down, I think you will win the game or at least you will bet the game cautiously. If you see the hand you get is the best and you can bet a lot in the game, and if you feel that it is not so good as your expect, you can showdown and give up. Cheating will help you a lot in the game and you will also get a lot from it.

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