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Infrared contact lenses help you to anti-cheating at the car
2013-07-11 17:36
  Many players maybe in tricks that done by other players in the gambling. But do you want to anti-cheat in the gambling? Or do you want to prevent others from cheating at the cards?
  Most card games involve winning tricks. A trick is where each player plays a card, the other players follow suit and the best card wins. For example, four of us are playing someone leads (the first card to be put down) the four of hearts, the next the seven of hearts, the third the king of hearts and lastly you play your ace of hearts. You win that trick because you played the highest card (see illustration overleaf). All four cards of the trick you have just won are placed face down in front of you. However. If there are no hearts in your hand you are void of hearts, and have to renounce or discard- play any other card of a different suit-and the king of hearts wins. If you can follow suit and deliberately or accidentally do not, this is known as revoking, and it usually incurs some sort of penalty.
  Remember that not all games are played to win the most number of tricks. Some are played to lose the most number, and some to win, or avoid winning, special tricks that contain certain cards.
  You can get some of the devices not only for cheating at the games, but also can prevent others from cheating at the game. For example, you can get a pair of infrared contact lenses to play the game with. You may know others whether in cheating. If you can use your own poker cards, you can also cheat at the game by marked cards with infrared contact lenses.
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