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Introduce of Stud Poker and ways to cheat at Open poker
2013-07-11 17:37

We'd like to tell you something about the stud poker and then tell you how to cheat at the stud poker.

Stud Poker,also known as Open Poker,is the fastest gambling game in the Poker family.Rich and poor play it for cash ranging from penny ante to table stakes in thousands.

Stud Poker allows for more strategy than Draw Poker,and has four betting rounds, whereas Draw Poker has only two beting rounds.

In Stud Poker the vaerage rank of the winning hands is lower than in Draw Poker, since in Stud the maximum number of cards anyone is dealt is five.

To cheat at the stud poker, one of the way is to use poker analyzer. Analyzer will tell you how to bet on each round and how much to bet is depond on yourself. Then is to use infrared contact lenses with marked cards. By using the contact lenses, you can see the mark on the back clearly. Third, if you are casino owner, you can also use pinhole camera lenses to cheat at the cards, if you use it, you needn't wear contact lenses and can see the marks clearly in an wide area. The marked cards for monitor can not be seen by contact lenses.

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