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Introduce of L-ball or low ball poker analyzer
2013-07-16 16:22

This fine variation of Draw Poker is played principally in the West and Middle West.It is not being played in the East simply because all previous game-book compilers have omitted it completely.It is much more atrategic than Draw Poker.The author highly recommends his game to the player who considers Draw Poker too slow, who likes to speed a Draw Poker game,especially when four or fewer players are engaged and it is difficult to get a pair of jack or better as openers.

Lowball ie palyed exactly as is Draw Poker.if however,openers do not happen to be dealt and every one has passed,the game is continued on the basis of the low hand wins, and the first player to the left of the dealer has the option of opening or passing and each palyer has a turn in the same rotating order as the perviously played Draw Poker hand.Should all palyers pass, a new deal is dealt as in Draw Poker, and the game conyinues as described above.

We offer a lot of cheating devices to help you to cheat at the lowball poker game in a gambling. One of the typical cheating device is poker analyzer, poker reader, poker smoothsayer. By using the device, you may know who will get the lowest poker hand, in other words, you may know who will be the winner. Poker analyzer is easy to operate, it is a very powerful device in the cheating field.

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