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Errors in Gin poker game
2013-07-18 18:42

A basic rule in cards is that the cards stand for themselves.Therefore,if you see an opponent making a miscount-calling a 6,7,and 4 as 15,for instance-you are privileged to point out the error.You are boligated to do so if your partner makes that error or if the opponent has made a miscount in your favor.Of course,you are also privileged to point out the error when your partner has made a miscount against you.

But if you watching your partner’s hand and see that he is about to make a mistake-going down with more than 10 throngh miscounting,or calling Gin when he doesn’t have Gin-you must not prevent the error.You must not give him any benefit an a result of your watching the hand.

In Spades Double Gin,you should point out that it was a spade hand if that was forgotten by your partner or his opponent or both.You’ll want to do that if your partner won the hand dan so you’re required to do it when your partner loses the hand.

You have mo privileges or obligations in the case of a hand laid down not to the best advantage.The cards stand for themselves and if the melds,counts,and scoring are correct,that’s all there is to it.

In OKlahoma Gin,where the first card turned up deteermines the maximum number of points for knocking,the Spades Double rule mentioned above applies:a knock above the determined maximum must be pointed out.If the first card was a 6 and your partner goes down with 8,you should refer to the 6 downcard even though both your partner and his appoment have forgotten it.

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