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Fattening in Gin poker game
2013-07-18 18:42

Sometimes it is wiser to discard a card that you know will add to your opponent’s meld than any other card in your hand.If you know he has four-card run,say 6-7-8-9,a fifth card probably won’t help him much and it is extremely unlikely for him to go Gin with two five-card runs.Even if you believe it is only a three-card run,it may be better to "fatten" him with a fourth card rather than give him an alternate card which may give him a new three-card run.

If he has picked the 8 of clubs and you have the jack or even the 10,don’t hold on to it indefinitely without considering the various possibilities.Did he take it for 8’s instead of club run?If it is a club run,how far up does it go?It is posslble that another run has cut it off?He may have the 6-7-8-9 of clubs and two other 9’s.He wouldn’t take the 10 of clubs if you threw it,and you wouldn’t be able to lay it off if he knocked.

Furthermore,when you are aiming for an underknock,fattening can be very uesful.You can trap your opponent into going down by giving him that extra card that enables him to get under 10.

Conversely,be careful when you are being fattened.Will the extra card force you to discard a dangerous one and break up a good meld possibility?Is your opponent trying to trap you into knocking?When he gives you that 10 of clubs,does he have the jcak ready to lay off? What was his purpose? Think it over.It’s important.


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