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Laying down hand when knocking
2013-07-18 18:44

Especially when laying down low melds-ace-deuce-3-4 and the like-there are abundant chances for error.Whenever a meld can be formed in more than one way,add up the total points of posslble ways and then lay down the meld adding to the highest total.

You have a 2-3-4 of spades and the 2 of hearts and 2 of diamonds.The spade sequence total 9, the three deuces total 6;so you lay down the sequence.

But caution!If from the play of the hands up to this times you have reason to believe that your opponent can meld a 5 of spades on your sequence,it becomes imperative to break up the sequences and lay off the three deuces.The shifting mathematics of the game must dictate your decision.

Nevertheless,one canon of melding is inflexible.Should you have a four-card sequence and simultaneously three cards of equal rank matching either of the end cards of the sequence,invaribly laydown the four of a kind as your meld.Your opponent cant’t lay off cards on four of a kind.He can lay off at either end of a sequence.

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