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Playing light and contact lenses help you cheating
2013-07-19 18:32
  In friendly games, if a player runs short of chips during a hand, he’s often allowed to “play light.” lnstead of putting money into the pot, he bets, calls, or raises by drawing chips out of the pot. The “light” chips represent the amount the player will owe to the eventual winner of the pot, if he doesn’t win it himself.
  There are several ways to scam the system. The cheat may keep the lights in a messy pile close to the pot. That way, if he drops out early in the game, there’s a chance the lights will be perceived as part of the pot, and the debt they represent overlooked. Conversely, the cheat may keep the lights in a neat stack close to home. If he drops out, he will buy more chips and stack them next to the lights, hoping they all blend together. If nobody mentions the lights, neither does he. Finally, and most audaciously, the cheat may play light until he accumulates a stack, then start betting from the stack of lights! When nailed, he will tap –dance his way out of trouble.
   How to win the game? You may use contact lenses and marked cards to cheat at the game, you will know each poker cards’ face when face down. Before the cards dealt out, you may know them and of course you can bet on the right way you want.
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