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Optional rules better discussed before the start of the game
2013-07-29 15:14

1.Before the game starts there must be common agreement on the kind of game to be played.Local conventions on such things as rpyalties and bonuses must be talked over before the game, and reduced to writing on a pad.These conventions or rulings must be thoroughly understood by all players.

2.Although any player has the right to quit whenever he wants to, a time limit must be decided on before the start of the game.

3.Before play starts,there must be common agreement as to the amount of the ante if any,the minimum and maximum amount of money or chips that can be bet at any one time,and the maximum number of raises any one player can make at any betting interval.As a rule a limit is rarely put on the number of raises permitted at any betting interval,but see sections on Draw or Stud Poker for details on betting.

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