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One to one cup scanning camera lens
2013-08-13 18:02
  A national brand product sells like hot cakes in our company, one to one cup scanning camera lens. It can use together with many kinds of poker analyzers. This product is adapted to Texas hold'em, Omaha poker game, Show hand, Blackjack, Low-ball and so on.
Maybe you won't have any doubt that placing a cup of tea on the table when you play poker. This movement is very natural. Now our company has a product that specially research for this kind of phenomenon, called one to one cup scanning camera lens. It is safe and strong concealment. This camera lens is now the most advanced technology of similar products in all camera lenses which was made by South Korean imports of infrared lamp and machine core components. The cup is made by glass, plastic or any other material without the impact of installation and working. The cup scanning camera lens has fine workmanship and unique creation. No matter appearance and internal, the lens and the cup are perfect in together, absolutely can't see any flaw.The whole operation process is also very simple.
The one to one cup scanning camera lenses of our company are of good quality and affordable price, as long as you need ,can be covered by our online customer service to understand, also can call the hotline of our company.
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