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The poker single contral ointment sensor for coin gambling
2013-08-21 17:22

  The coin gambling is most popular games by players in casino.Our company has launched the latest product of poker single control ointment sensor for coin gambling.It is good for you to win money in coin gambling.

  The single control ointment sensor is made up of two parts.One is poker sensor,another is ointment.This principle of coin gambling mainly decide the front or reverse side of the coin by the frequency of vibration.Our products can also be fit for other playing methods.So it is popular by many poker fans.The method of coin gambling is putting induction ointment on the item which need to be used.Now we use a coin for example,the front side of the coin was coated with ointment,players can know the result of front side when the vibrator is shocking.Our products are also suitable for other coin gambling,such as bean gambling,tablet gambling,corn gambling and so on. This kind of products play a good role for this cheating games.

  The main function of single control ointment sensor is induced the front or reverse side of the coin.When you play coin gambling, you just need strapped our ointment sensor to the thigh or abdomen.Therefore, if you want to be biggest winner,please buy our products right now.

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