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Invisible ink Bee marked poker cards for poker analyzer
2013-08-25 13:35

Bee NO.92 poker is popular in America poker gambling. Paper cards, Blue and Red. We can cheat at the cards by print invisible ink for poker analyzer.

Invisible ink is a special ink that can not be seen by naked eyes. It can only be seen by our camera lens. The camera lens is for poker analyzer, when the camera lens scan on the marked cards, read them and send the values to the analyzer to analysis. Bee No.92 poker cards is a kind of paper cards. And the plastic cards is hard to print the ink on, but we can do it perfectly. That's to say, we can do both platic and paper cards. For poker analyzer, the mark is different from the one that for contact lenses. The mark is on the edge of the cards, its mark is barcode. Although you read them, you don't know what are they.

We have mass quatity Bee No.92 poker cards in stock, you can order whenever you want. After you order them, we will ask the facotry to print the mark for you. The cards are very helpful for you to cheat at Texas Omaha hold'em, Blackjack, Show hand, Baccarat, Low ball and many other poker games in the world. Only need a poker analyzer.

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