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KEM Edge marked cards for poker analyzer via scanning camera
2013-08-26 17:24

  Each poker analyzer should have edge marked cards to match with. KEM is the only Playing Card that delivers the classic snap and feel of paper, with the unmatched durability and security features of plastic. Scuff and break resistant, Kem Cards are also completely washable. Poker (Wide) Size Kem Plastic Playing Cards and Bridge (Narrow) Size Kem Plastic Playing Cards are available in a range of designs, with both regular and large size numbers and pips.

  KEM poker cards is also a very popular poker card in the casino. Most of players use it to play against other players. 100% Plastic Kem Cards are widely regarded as the world's finest Playing Card. Kem Cards are made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production.

  KEM poker cards is looked as one of the hardest to be processed cards. As it soft as a paper and made of plastic. But EYE Poker Cheating Center can do it perfect. We have the world's first class print machine and professional workers. More than ten years experiences of marking the cards. KEM marked cards for poker analyzer, can help you to cheat at many poker games such as Texas Omaha Hold'em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Lowball and many other local poker games.

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