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Paigow marked plastic flowers is the best cheating product
2013-08-30 17:09

  Paigow marked plastic flowers is the best cheating products for playing Paigow. It also can use for mahjong or other poker games.

  The ointment of plastic flowers is the same with the color of human skin, so you don’t worry about safety. Plastic flowers are very fit for playing Paigow. These marked poker cards only can be identified by yourselves without limitation of light. It can be used for a long time.

  Paigow marked plastic flowers is used of emerymarking on poker cards that you are hard to erase.First of all,you need to cut off your thumb nail about 3mm,and the nail edge need to be plat.And then you need to roast the conver of plastic flowers by lighter before you play Paigow.

  Our products are easy to use and have a good concealment.Moreover,you can win money with the help.

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