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Mahjong remote control dice use with program mahjong table
2013-10-12 16:01
There can’t be lack of the existence of mahjong remote control dices. Many people have good dice skills, but for those people who play mahjong, maybe it is not useful for them. We have mahjong remote control dice for you to play mahjong and that you don’t need to practice skills hardly. It is just need you to press on the button and then you can begin you winning money games.

The latest mahjong remote control dice is combined of circuit board, changer, remote controller and a set of dice. The circuit board is set under the chair. You can’t see anything after cracking the mahjong remote control dice. We also can make a special order for you. The using theory is very simple. There are many electromagnetic coil around the dice box and then will create a magnetic field. It will let the dice create the point you want.

Our mahjong remote control dice need to use with program mahjong table and you can win money easily. The quality is best with strong concealment.
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