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Binfen UV contact lens for marked cheating poker cards
2013-10-16 14:28
Some nearsighted person will wear a pair of contact lenses, because they think it is convenient than any other ordinary glasses. Our company has dedicated Binfen UV contact lenses for poker cheating games. Would you choose buy them?

Binfen UV contact lenses need to be used with marked poker cards. In reality, we will make some marks on the back of poker cards. We usually make these marks with invisible ink. Other people can not see these marks. And then when you wear UV contact lenses, you will see what these poker cards are. The main point is that maybe you wear a contact lens before to see poker cards under the bright light. But this product can work under any light, so there is no more limitation of it. You can also by IR contact camera lens.

Our products are safe with high clear image. If you are not a nearsighted person, our product will not affect your eyes. 
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