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How to cheat poker games with tea cup playing cards scanner
2013-10-18 14:13
You will never think that a tea cup can be a poker scanner. It is the same with ordinary tea cups and can drink tea with it. As a matter of fact, it is not a prop. A special tea cup playing cards scanner cheers you up.

Tea cup playing cards scanner is made up of foreign imported components. It is unique and simple operating. It uses lithium ion battery that could standby for a long time. The scanner is set the outside of vacuum cup and the design of outer is perfect. You don’t worry other poker players will notice the tea cup. You just put the scanner toward those edged marked poker cards and then you will get the result quickly.

Tea cup playing cards scanner can be used with any other poker analyzers. It is best to play poker games that have a high clear image to be analyze.
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