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Invisible ointment is easily controlling cheating tool
2013-11-01 11:37
Invisible ointment is not used to treat burns. It is a poker cheating product that can be used for winning lots of money. When you open the lid, you could see the color of it looks like the color of people skin.

No wearing a pair of contact lenses, no monitoring, no light request and special places. You just need to take invisible ointment to casino. This product can be used for poker cards and mahjong for a few seconds. Before you play poker cards, you just need to smear invisible ointment a little in your finger and then you smear it to poker cards or mahjong, you can see their suits. This is a smallest product and you can use them about 2 months. It’s working theory like code poker cards or code mahjong. But code poker cards are processed before and this product is not.

Invisible ointment is easily controlling product that you don’t need to be found by others. Maybe you don’t believe this product, but you can come to our company that we will show you. 
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